General Program


FITAV SUMMER CAMPS are summer centers dedicated to the practice of shooting sports aimed at youngsters aged between 12 and 25 years, for the TRAP AND SKEET disciplines, will take place at the TAV UMBRIA VERDE in Sant’Arnaldo of Massa Martana (PG).
The meeting, lasting 10 days, will be organized according to the level of preparation of the participants: Basic – Intermediate – High, indicated by each student in the registration form according to parameters established by the organization. On the first day the students will be welcomed at the center by all the staff who will welcome them with an opening ceremony in which all the members of the Fitav Summer Camps team will be presented and the “Fitav Summer Camps kit” will be given. The educational activities program is structured in 3 phases:
– Technique-tactics: training aimed at researching and developing the correct body position to be taken on the platform, improving the shooting technique and defining the correct competition tactics through exercises carried out on the field, according to the best teaching methods proposed by the ISSF coaches. Theoretical lessons on these aspects with video support and discussion of the exercises carried out in the field by each shooter and error correction;
– Athletics: training and exercises aimed at strengthening the physical response, based on the characteristics of each shooter, essential during the competition and for improving the recovery capacity at the end of each series;
– Mental: exercises to improve the ability to concentrate on the platform and manage tension during the competition to allow the student to obtain that mental attitude to keep before, during and after the performance. Suitable mental routines will be prepared on the platform to be applied to the shooting technique.
The mental approach is very important since it allows shooters to experience the competitive shooting experience in a positive way instead of suffering it due to result stress.

Complete your registration in FSC within July, 10
Arrival day
Be part of the Fitav Summer Camps atmosphere
FSC Trophy
Compete for the conquest of the Fitav Summer Camps Trophy
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Technical Director of all educational activities is Diego GASPERINI, ISSF ‘A’ level international coach and ISSF Shotgun Tutor, supported by ISSF international coaches, federal instructors, athletic trainers and a sports psychologist. At the structure there will be the possibility of using a stockmaker who, upon booking, will perform tailor-made stock or changes, the cost of which will be agreed with him. During their stay, participants will be followed 24 hours a day by competent and qualified staff who will make them spend pleasant moments of leisure and entertainment.
There will be numerous recreational activities that participants can play in moments of break from shooting, being able to use the swimming pool, the wellness center, the games room equipped with billiards, table football, table tennis and play station. As far as sports activities are concerned, the students will be involved in sports such as:
– Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics. All of the following activities will be carried out within the property.
Fitav Summer Camps will also be an opportunity for participants to get to know and appreciate the beauty and art of central Italy by organizing an excursion with a tour guide to one of the most interesting places in Umbria. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to improve or learn the English language with a first level mini-course aimed at Italian students and a first level mini-course in Italian for foreign students. At the end of each meeting there will be a final competition with subsequent awarding of the winners. Finally, a closing ceremony will be organized, during which certificates of participation in the Fitav Summer Camps will be delivered and the most deserving students will be awarded. Parents are welcome to attend both the opening and closing ceremonies.