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FSC represent a highly innovative and unique project in the world of shooting. Boys and girls who have a passion for shooting are given the opportunity to practice training like true professionals having at their disposal a team of coaches formed by the excellences of the sector, who follow each participant individually in every aspect related to shooting: technical, mental and athletic, in training and in competition.

“Training both from a sporting point of view and from a personal point of view of adolescents represents for us the driving force that prompted us to create the Fitav Summer Camps” (Luisa Recinella).

The FSC mark an important step for the growth of young shooters since, in addition to the very high level of shooting course, they have the opportunity to share this experience and deal with boys and girls from all over the world, with cultures and very different traditions, in a fun setting and in a location immersed in the green heart of Italy.

Shooting passion

Live your Dream!!!

Come and live the fantastic experience of the Fitav Summer Camps: live your dream and share your passion with young athletes from all over the world! You will be the star of a unique event in the shooting scene.

The Fitav Summer Camps (FSC) are born from the intuition of Asd Leandro Recinella, who conceived them in 2014 and who take care of all the organizational part of this ambitious project.
Tatiana and Luisa Recinella, together with Diego Gasperini and Eros Scarpino, are the founding members of the Association that promotes a top-level shooting course held by the best in the sector, combining it with a holiday atmosphere and cultural exchange, in which all participants have the opportunity to grow and improve under the common denominator of having fun.

Asd Leandro Recinella takes its name from the unforgettable Leandro Recinella: shooter, founding member as well as twenty-year president of the Tav Acquaviva of Cellino Attanasio (Te), pioneer of shooting in an important reality such as the Abruzzo Region and who has been able to disseminate the shooting tradition of this region at the national level. Leandro has dedicated a large part of his life to cultivating this passion by sharing it, always and in any case, with friends and family, but with an even more attentive eye towards young people, of whom he always said he felt an integral part. Tatiana and Luisa Recinella, President and Vice President of the Association, decide to continue, with the same energy, their father Leandro’s commitment to  shooting.

“We want to continue to bring our father’s sporting spirit to life. Hence the idea of this Association, aimed at the growth and training of young shooters in a healthy and social context, but also aimed at satisfying the needs of shooters of all ages, through the organization of events and sporting events, providing anyone with the opportunity to spend moments dedicated to sport, moments in which the most sacred values materialize”.

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