As far a teaching is concerned, Asd Leandro Recinella decided to gather a high standard team which includes world class Italian and International coaches. FSC technical director and supervisor is “A” level Issf coach Diego Gasperini.
He described his purpose with the above words: “I created a special training schedule for young shooters including all aspects: technic, tactic, nutrition, posture, athletic and mental by using the best Italian tradition and the ISSF scientific studies”. The shooting course is divided in three main core areas: technica-tactical; athletic; mental.
Together with Diego Gasperini, as for the technical and tactical aspects of shooting, the activities are followed by Marco Micheli, International Issf “B” level coach who has got a wide home and international coaching experience.
Athletic aspects are completely taken care by the Italian shooting team athletic trainer, Fabio Partigiani, who prepared a special athletic training program for young shooters.
The mental aspects of shooting are followed by Federico Di Carlo. Author of the best-selling book on mental training “Il Cervello tennistico” and International Tennis Federation journal articles, is a long time Diego Gasperini collaborator for the mental training side of Olympic shooters.
So, an extremely specialized technical staff ever since Asd Leandro Recinella is convinced that in order to become future champions talent is not enough. Apart from sheer determination, it is extremely important being supported by the right team.