Fitav Summer Camps (FSC) born from the intuition in 2014 of Asd Leandro Recinella, which created and organised this ambitious event that managed to involve young shooters from all over the world. Tatiana and Luisa Recinella, together with Diego Gasperini and Eros Scarpino, are founders of the Association which decided to propose a top level shooting course hold by an excellent team combined with a holiday and cultural environment where participants can grow and improve while having fun.

The Asd Leandro Recinella name steps from Leandro Recinella who was a shooter, founder and president for more than 20 years at Tav Acquaviva di Cellino Attanasio (Italy). He was a shooting pioneer in Abruzzo and developed regional tradition into national one. Leandro dedicated his life to shooting, sharing his passion with friends and family. He was always extremely keen in the education of new generations of which he felt to be part of. Tatiana and Luisa Recinella, Association President and Vice President decided to continue the father Leandro work in shooting with the same energy and passion. “We want to keep our father sport spirit alive. The main idea for the Association is to grow and educate young shooters in a healthy background by organizing sport events in which satisfy the requirement of each age and where the most important personal values are being celebrated”.